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Are offered to you on 100% cotton paper (for the Map), at a cost of $ 99.99 / + tx your personalized sky map. You will also have all the explanations of the stars that can influence you during your life, a real job worthy of a Monk.

For a birth gift, graduation, wedding ... And will serve as guidance throughout your life ....

You just have to give me the date and time of birth and your name. As accurate as possible about the time, because that makes a big difference.
Example Bruce Lee born November 27, 1940 born under the sign of Scorpio



An Example of Comprehensive Astrological Portrait




Born:     Wednesday, November 27, 1940, 7:12 AM

In:           San Francisco (CA) (United States)

Sun:       5°15' Sagittarius                AS:         6°12' Sagittarius

Moon:  11°24' Scorpio    MC:        21°15' Virgo

Dominants:         Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus

Sun, Jupiter, Pluto

Houses 11, 1, 5 / Fire, Earth / Fixed

Chinese Astrology:          Metal Dragon

Numerology:     Birthpath 7

Height:                 Bruce Lee is 5' 7½" (1m71) tall

Popularity:          266,837 clicks, 49th man, 101st celebrity


Horoscopes having the same aspect Mars square Pluto (orb 0°19'): Scarlett Johansson, Nicki Minaj, Drake (entertainer), Oprah Winfrey, Coluche, Penélope Cruz, Muhammad Ali, Antonio Banderas, Lorde, Roman Polanski, Jean-Pierre Danel, Harvey Weinstein... Find all the celebrities having this aspect.


Horoscopes having the same aspect Sun conjunction Ascendant (orb 0°57'): Keanu Reeves, Scarlett Johansson, Freddie Mercury, Heath Ledger, Kate Winslet, Abraham Lincoln, Zooey Deschanel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean Dujardin, Alexander Skarsgard, Andy Warhol, Bill Kaulitz... Find all the celebrities having this aspect.


Celebrities born the same day: Jimi Hendrix, Rachida Dati, Chanyeol (Exo-K), Caroline Kennedy, Michael Vartan, Anders Celsius, Yulia Tymoshenko, Daniel Ducruet, William Fichtner, Françoise d'Aubigné, marquise de Maintenon, Ala Boratyn, Steve Bannon... List of all the celebrities born on November 27.


Celebrities being the same height: Monica Bellucci, Sandra Bullock, Céline Dion, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bob Dylan, Aaliyah, Steven Spielberg, Ingrid Chauvin, Jeff Bezos, Nick Jonas, Jeff Buckley... List of all the celebrities being 5' 7½" tall.


Horoscope and chart of Bruce Lee (Placidus system)



* A planet less than 1° from the next House cusp is considered to be posited in the said House. 2° when the AS and the MC are involved


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Testimony from our Customers

"Following a sudden fall in a staircase where I landed squarely on my head, and too dizzy to move, I had the reflex to massage my thumb constantly. I felt like I was taking care of my skin. head, to keep in touch - I did not lose consciousness - this allowed me to keep my calm and conscious breathing the 30 minutes before I could move and call for help. I continued this massage for the duration of the emergency care, with the same calm for 5 hours.

This simple gesture of "massaging my thumb" relaxed me, kept me connected to my body and focused, it was most beneficial and saving me.

For the rest, "Lucky! And Blessed of the Gods", apparently nothing major, 4 stitches and ... concussion. Here again, Hand and Foot Yoga magically supported the problems encountered.

For the headache, no Tylenol and company. Moxa on hands and feet, 1 hour per day and more, for the neck, intensive zapping on hands and feet and directly on the neck.

These two techniques alone have alleviated the physical trauma and worked positively on the nervous system badly affected.

I am happy with the training followed and grateful for the great benefits brought by this approach, when I need it. It is available, efficient and so inexpensive. (Buying tools pays off quickly, trust me.)

During the professional care for positional vertigo, moxa is responsible for reducing the associated heart aches.

Thank you Hand and Foot Yoga for being on my way - a true blessing - and helping me take charge of my health whenever I need it, at such low cost and travel. You allow me to feel free and autonomous, to feel that I can intervene for my health in a so natural and simple way. Thank you.

Thank you to all the instigators and trainers. Strongly thank you for being and Bravo for what you are doing: giving us back our power and teaching us daily health. "

Doris Levesque

1200x100px FR Que de bonnes nouvelles Allyoucanfind.club Reseau Magickey Network 1

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