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Clairvoyance, Guidance, Spiritual Coaching

Arunda ‘Sli can help you in your self-development, thanks to clairvoyance, guidance, feng shui and the vision his Clear Vision of the Future….

Divinatory study based on a great experience of life.
Clairvoyance is something that we develop more and more every day, raising our awareness to the highest point.
It is a science that is interested in the symbolism of numbers.
The numbers emit vibrations that reflect the personality of the human and the motivation of his soul.
Numerology with Sometho Chy, an ally of Arunda, is therefore a tool for personal development that allows those who seek to understand what they have come to do on this planet, since we arrive in life without the "mode of 'employment'.
First of all, numerology should not be confused with clairvoyance.
The calculations of a theme follow a very precise technique. The interpretation of the results is based on the symbolism of the numbers but allows the numerologist to also appeal to his intuition.
This ancient science analyzes the date of birth and the name of the person studied.
His birth name is transformed into numbers that indicate his personality. They also provide information on its potential, its qualities and its faults.
His date of birth is analyzed to discover the different events that are likely to occur in his life.

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Arunda 'Sli & Sometho Chy can help you in your self-development, thanks to numerology, clairvoyance, chart of the sky and coaching.

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Testimony from our Customers

"Following a sudden fall in a staircase where I landed squarely on my head, and too dizzy to move, I had the reflex to massage my thumb constantly. I felt like I was taking care of my skin. head, to keep in touch - I did not lose consciousness - this allowed me to keep my calm and conscious breathing the 30 minutes before I could move and call for help. I continued this massage for the duration of the emergency care, with the same calm for 5 hours.

This simple gesture of "massaging my thumb" relaxed me, kept me connected to my body and focused, it was most beneficial and saving me.

For the rest, "Lucky! And Blessed of the Gods", apparently nothing major, 4 stitches and ... concussion. Here again, Hand and Foot Yoga magically supported the problems encountered.

For the headache, no Tylenol and company. Moxa on hands and feet, 1 hour per day and more, for the neck, intensive zapping on hands and feet and directly on the neck.

These two techniques alone have alleviated the physical trauma and worked positively on the nervous system badly affected.

I am happy with the training followed and grateful for the great benefits brought by this approach, when I need it. It is available, efficient and so inexpensive. (Buying tools pays off quickly, trust me.)

During the professional care for positional vertigo, moxa is responsible for reducing the associated heart aches.

Thank you Hand and Foot Yoga for being on my way - a true blessing - and helping me take charge of my health whenever I need it, at such low cost and travel. You allow me to feel free and autonomous, to feel that I can intervene for my health in a so natural and simple way. Thank you.

Thank you to all the instigators and trainers. Strongly thank you for being and Bravo for what you are doing: giving us back our power and teaching us daily health. "

Doris Levesque

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Come and discover the world of Passages to Awakening, where well-being is at the rendezvous, whether in energy consultations for releases, links, life lessons or in Yoga of the Hands of Magickey Teknik®, for discomfort back, knee .... LIRE LA SUITE



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