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Chromatherapy or chromotherapy literally means “Relieving through colors”.

Already used during Antiquity, the principle of chromatherapy is therefore a discomfort, discomfort or to relieve pain by the use of an appropriate color.

Nowadays, a chromotherapy session consists of projecting a colored light either directly on the affected area, or in the eyes if it is to relieve a more generalized discomfort.

Recent scientific research seems to attest to the effectiveness of chromotherapy. Studies ordered by NASA have shown that red light accelerates healing.

Colors and descriptions of Chromotherapy glasses according to company statements.

Description of the Red lens, how it can help you.
* It brings strength, courage, vigilance, a sense of power, vitality, also to overcome negative thoughts, anxiety

* Physical effects: it works on circulatory problems, stimulates the body and libido. She works on rheumatism.
Avoid for aggressive people. Do not drive with this color.
* Psychological effects: Stimulates the mind for short term trials, Increases performance for exams, competition
* At the level of the Chakras, parts of the body and gland: Root, elimination, lymphatic, teeth, lower limbs, adrenal glands

Description of the yellow lens, how it can help you
* It brings focus, mental clarity, optimism.

* Physical Effects: Fights mental fatigue and alleviates skin problems. Works on constipation, migraines, nervous stimulants. Stimulates the digestive system and the liver
* Psychological effects: Stimulates the intellect without exciting, anti-fatigue, anti-melancholy
- Chakra, body parts and gland: Solar plexus, pancreas, large intestine, stomach, liver, muscular system, skin

Description of the Aqua (Turquoise) glasses, how it can help you
- Physical effects: Sudden and violent pain, relaxation

- Psychological effects: Calming and restful after intellectual work, harmonizes mind and body

Blue color
- Physical effects: Fights fever, colds, flu, inflammation
- Psychological effects: Fighting egoism, effect of peace and tranquility, tones the nervous system. Stabilizes high pressure. Promotes good communication and concentration
- Chakra, body parts and gland: Throat, neck, arms, hands, cervical plexus, thyroid gland

Purple color
- Physical effects: Improve the quality of sleep, constipation
- Psychological effects: Reduces anxiety, nervousness, phobia and fear, nervous disorders
- Chakra, body parts and gland: 3rd eye, brain, nervous system, pineal gland

Color: Indigo
- Physical effects: Pain, glandular disorders, premature aging
- Psychological effects: Stimulates intuition, allows access to certain more subtle levels of consciousness
- Parts of the body and gland: carotids, temples, forehead, pituitary

Description of the Orange glasses how it can help you
- Physical effects: Tones, strengthens, stimulates the thyroid, fights diabetes, antispasmodic., Improves the respiratory system and acts against muscle pain

- Psychological effects: Anti-fatigue color, promotes good body-mind relationship. Increases optimism, sexual tonic and vitality
- Chakra, body parts and gland: Chi or hara, lumbar plexus, reproductive system, sexual organs, gonad glands

Description of the pink glasses
- Physical effects: Color for weight loss, helps reduce cortisol level to combat stress, worry and nervousness

- Psychological effects: Reduces hunger, reduces food cravings and urges Acts as an antidepressant. (addictions), hyperactivity, excitement
For those interested in holistic health, a convenient and effective way to apply this color therapy is to wear chromotherapy glasses. The color is thought to be directed to the hypothalamus gland, from there to the pineal gland and then to the pituitary gland, which regulates and governs hormone production. As the brain processes this information, it is believed to cause hormonal and cellular changes. The main thing is that the frequency of the color can be transmitted to the area of ​​the body that identifies it. The frequency, or the vibration of the color is constant. In other words, this area can now be restored to its proper vibration and be restored to its health.


Used regularly, the body can learn to function properly on its own at the physical level.

How to use the glasses: The glasses will have a beneficial effect on your emotional, mental and physical level.

Wear them for 10 to 30 minutes a day or even longer before doing an activity or while doing a specific task.

You don't have to believe in the therapeutic effect of these glasses, you just have to try them on and you can't help but notice the results.

Price: $ 25 each, taxes and transportation not included in Quebec, You can pay by credit card, Master Car- Visa

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