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The Ionic Bath for Detox




o Find the vitality, the energy you are looking for
o An opportunity to clean your system; treatment that aims to optimize, regulate and restore your body to a healthy physiological potential.
o Clean your interior, take care of your body. The foot bath with the negative ion generator releases the impurities present in your body.
o It promotes the elimination of organic waste responsible for reducing your resistance. It reduces the acidity of your body, removes free radicals from organic degradation. It promotes exchange with cells, muscles, organs (blood oxygenation, tissue hydration, cleaning of internal organs).
o The treatment awakens the metabolism and releases energy and vitality.
o It invigorates the appearance of the skin, reduces anxiety and stress, and slows down premature aging.
o Now available in Quebec, the negative ion bath has proven itself.
o It stimulates the immune system being creates biological balance.
o $ 30 / session, 30-minute sessions
o It is recommended to wear loose clothing and clear the feet


Improvement of the following conditions
* Excess acidity, toxicity and parasites
* Inflammation, pain and fibromyalgia
* Stress and anxiety
* Fatigue, exhaustion and insomnia
* Cramps, joint stiffness
* Renal failure
* Heavy legs
* Concentration and memory
* vigilance and mental clarity
* Poor blood and lymphatic circulation and much more ...

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