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It is important to be alone in your body, in your kingdom, that there is no one who feeds on the energy of the other.


The energetic links are represented by a thread of light between two people, one of the two people feeds on the energy of the other, these people can even be deceased.
This cord can be connected to the energy centers either at the level of the heart, at the level of the plexus, the 3rd eye and the sacred.

What must be understood is the law of cause and effect. It is everywhere in action so if people have created energetic links on you, it is because you have created them on others as well.

It is important that you learn to give without having something taken from you. It doesn't take anything away from you and it doesn't prevent you from loving and being loved.

During the consultation, my job is to make you feel good in your body, in your life and on the earth. Already I always ask that this liberation can be done on all planes and in all parts of you.
I use different tools. I always work with respect, I teach you to be good and free.

It just brings more freedom. We need this freedom to be fulfilled, to regain our autonomy.
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