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Benefits of ear candles
Releases impurities due to secretions from the ears

Delivers sinus-throat airways
Stimulates the microcirculation of the inner ear

Revitalizes lymph and blood circulation
Improves coordination between the two hemispheres of the brain
Brings deep relaxation
Suitable during pregnancy

Mainly acts on the following symptoms
Chronic sinusitis
Extraction of earwax plugs (depending on the age of the plug)
Common cold, pharyngitis, hay fever
Releases secretions
Headaches, migraines
Tinnitus, buzzing
Glaucoma (degenerative disease of the optic nerve)
Mild deafness or deafness related to age
Candidiasis (candida albicans fungal infection)
Facial neuralgia (trigeminal neuralgia)
Balance problems, dizziness
Effective against the pressure caused by compression (flight, diving, ...)

Recently perforated eardrum

Ménières disease (inner ear condition)
Meniere's vertigo
Otitis interna or labyrinthitis
Otitis externa
Otitis media
Chronic otitis
Ososclerosis or otosclerosis
Boil of the ear canal
Hearing implant (prosthesis)
Installation of drains (trans-tympanic aerator)
Head injury
Eczema inside the ear
Allergy to a component of the candle (honey, chamomile, sage, St. John's wort)
Severe infection or inflammation of the ear
Mycosis of the outer ear
Atrial shingles
Tubal catarrh
After an operation
If cistus is present in the ear
In case of inflammation of the salivary glands
In the event of an ear injury,
Injured eardrum, grommets, implanted drains
Artificial eardrum
Ear tumor
Advice after treatment
Stay a few minutes lying down to let the treatment work best
Drink a large glass of water
If you go outside, cover your ears if the weather is cold or windy
Avoid getting water in your ears for the next 24 hours
To further help your body eliminate toxins, avoid caffeine and alcohol,
Eat light and listen to your body (get more rest, etc.).
The number of sessions without pathology is recommended 4x per year, i.e. at each change of season,
which will regulate the quality and quantity of earwax.


For other cases, the number of sessions will have to be adapted as appropriate.
So ... Do not wait any longer and come hear the crackle of fire from the Arizona Indians!
How to clean your ears the natural way with ear candles
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