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We have always been interested in children and we ourselves had three, friends (es) then small children (over 8 ...). There are always children around us.

I have often wondered, what could I do to help them. With my work as a Teacher of Self-Love, I needed care for children. So, I asked to receive care for the children and I received it, a beautiful very kind lady shared a wonderful care with me so that I could do it to the children who come to me. Thank you! Thank you so much!

Children who have been arriving for some time are different from us. They have nothing to do with the children of old. These new children carry the ultimate knowledge within them, they already know everything they need to know and in addition, unlike most adults, they arrive with their vision, their hearing, their touch, their taste and a highly developed sense of smell.

What I do for work with children is just ask Gaia to strengthen their roots. Ask to close doors and access to less good energies, to activate their tools and realign them. Make them aware of everything around it. Explain to them that they are not alone. Explain to them why they are different from us. And we as parents, we must take the time to listen to them, to secure them. In addition with this care, they will understand why they see, hear and feel etc ...


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