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WE ARE THE OFFICIAL HAND YOGA OF MAGICKEY TEKNIK, Teachers, coaches, guidance, chart, clairvoyance, coaching, personal development and Certified Trainers for Energy Therapists.

Our job is to get you to take the first place in your life.
You have a deep desire to live and improve your life.
So realize that we can no longer lie to each other
It is very important to understand that our body reacts to our words and to
our thoughts.

The law of CAUSE AND EFFECT is always in action in our bodies and in our lives.
The more you become aware of this law, the more quickly it manifests itself.
I will teach you to understand and release what is preventing you from moving forward.

In our life journey, we are taught to release the emotional load, the
karmic charge, energy links, harmonization of the place of life and
more so, I have a deep desire to teach you to do the same in your life.
You chose to come back to this earth to realize yourself, to live your life fully
Come learn to breathe your life.

With Love, Joy and Success in ease.
Know that the more we release, the more we clean inside us, the more
it is beautiful outside of us.
You and I have chosen to come back to this earth to FULFILL, to
LIVE life to the fullest. So choose yourself. Then with the surplus help the People. Guide them!


Master Sometho Chy, one of the greatest Astrologers in this World.

Arunda 'Sli, guidance, coaching and clairvoyance
Province of Quebec
For registration (514) 800-8693
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