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Hand Yoga Teacher by Magickey Teknik®

Learn to maintain yourself by yourself, thanks to a technique without dangers or side effects .... for all the family ..... with Aruna Chy (see the course calendar). Don't forget the Magickey Teknik® is for everyone that I am 5 years old or 120 years old, everyone can practice it.


To clean your ears with candles or the Asian Way

How to clean your ears the natural way with ear candles with the hand Yoga Team by Magickey Teknik, Aruna Chy.


Do not wait any longer and come hear the crackle of fire from the  North Dakota Indians!




Discover Quebec City Therapists...

Arunda,  Quebec Province, Canada

Co-Founder of the Yoga des Mains de Magickey Teknik®


Aruna Chy, City of Quebec

Mentor and Official Teacher

Therapist of the Yoga des Mains de Magickey Teknik®


Louise Alary,

Region of the Saguenay / Lac St-Jean

Therapist of the Yoga des Mains de Magickey Teknik® for the Saguenay / Lac St-Jean region

Hélène Patry, City of Quebec

Therapist of the  Yoga des Mains de Magickey Teknik®.  

Testomony from our Customers....

What customers think of us ....

I attended several conferences of Ms. Aruna Chy in several exhibitions and shows in Quebec, from that moment; I knew she could help me unblock, dissolve her past memories that kept me from moving forward. I met her in private. Since then, I have moved forward with new things, with confidence.

I put my limits and I find solutions to what is present at the present moment

person"My life force is coming back to me because I already tasted it as a child. Changes are occurring, are multiplying"

Thank you, Ms. Aruna Chy
Thank you for your support service, following our meetings to allow us to keep our vibrations high.

Madeleine D.

About Hand Yoga by Magickey Teknik

Come discover the wonderful world of Nicole Scott; therapist, hand and foot Yoga teacher, energy guide of emotions and much more….,

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WE ARE THE OFFICIAL HAND YOGA OF MAGICKEY TEKNIK, Teachers, coaches, guidance, chart, clairvoyance, coaching, personal development and Certified Trainers for Energy Therapists.

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Je Suis Arunda Sli. Un recherchiste dans les diverses tehniques d'Acupression et Fondateur de la Fondation "RENEWABLE FREE ENERGY FOUNDATION



Here is the calendar of all the events, promotions, practices and courses concerning the Magickey Teknik® World Academy (Magickey Teknik® Hand Yoga) and those of the courses and coaching with Arunda ‘Sli:

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Come and discover the world of Passages to Awakening, where well-being is at the rendezvous, whether in energy consultations for releases, links, life lessons or in Yoga of the Hands of Magickey Teknik®, for discomfort back, knee .... LIRE LA SUITE



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231 rue Sherbrooke, C.P. 262
Quebec, QC., J1X 3W8

+1 (514) 800-8693

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